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Social Services network improves care with CAI

CAI helps state agency create a unified treatment and referral network to serve citizens.

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CAI’s application management solutions deliver the possible for a state agency


A Mid-Atlantic state agency wanted to improve the way it serves its citizens, particularly those in need of substance abuse and behavioral health care, by connecting patients with emergency care and available rehabilitation treatment options close to home. To provide the level of health care and support services necessary to increase the chances of success, the state needed a treatment and referral network to connect all points of care from referral to treatment.


The state turned to CAI to help it build a Treatment and Referral Network (TRN), a platform that can identify, unify, and track all behavioral health treatment and support resources across the state. The goals were to foster collaboration among mental health, substance abuse, and medical providers, and improve the quality of care.

CAI provided project managers to manage the requirements-gathering, traceability, testing, and implementation of a web-based application to host the TRN. CAI also provided vendor management to ensure all vendor deliverables were met. The CAI team provided strong project, organizational change, and vendor management skills to deliver new provider onboarding and training, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly statistical reporting and analysis.

CAI provides ongoing vendor management, continuous enhancements, and TRN helpdesk support to more than 100 participating locations. It also facilitates quarterly user group meetings with the 64 participating providers and creates and distributes a quarterly TRN newsletter.


The TRN leverages a web-based application to connect patients with emergency substance abuse and behavioral health rehabilitation and treatment options close to home. The referral and treatment network identifies three treatment centers closest to the patient’s home and assesses open bed availability for treatment. By transferring the patient and their medical records together in a single process, the TRN creates a seamless transition from emergency care to treatment.

In the first year of operation, the TRN made 19,357 behavioral health and substance abuse referrals. Today, it works with 111 participating locations and handles approximately 2,000 referrals a month.

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