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The tolling division at a large state’s department of transportation processes registration information for approximately 23 million violations a month from both in-state and out-of-state vehicles. These vehicles are in possible violation of the toll, passing through a gantry without a transponder. The agency was struggling to keep up with the volume of images and was experiencing some degree of inaccuracy in the manual verification process, which led to a loss of revenue. The department of transportation needed help creating a structure to improve its performance when manually verifying license plates for its violation enforcement department. It wanted to achieve a goal of 99.9 percent accuracy.


The state’s department of transportation contracted CAI to provide a workforce of 100–150 individuals to maintain the required hourly production rate of 400 images per hour. Images of license plates are captured by toll cameras and then based on specific business rules, some images are reviewed manually by image verifiers. Approximately 4.2 million images are manually reviewed monthly. Once the image is reviewed, it is then processed and sent to the customer via a toll enforcement invoice.

CAI improved the violations processing system so that it can accept, reject, and research images more accurately – and send the correct registered owner of a vehicle driving without a transponder the proper toll enforcement invoice.


Today, the tolling agency can rely on 99.96% accuracy in its image review process, which is an improvement over the previous 98.9%. This seemingly small change has a dramatic impact when applied to a volume of millions of images per month. CAI also performs desk audits at random and timed intervals to enhance the process. By evaluating multiple other metrics, the team has increased its effectiveness in generating notifications and citations and is focusing today specifically on ways to prevent revenue loss, such as assigning an investigator to assist with workflow and process improvement. The CAI verification process is both rigorous and flexible and incorporates industry best practices for the state.

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