00:00:00:18 - 00:00:29:01 Narrator: We are CAI. A global technology services firm with over 40 years of excellence, uniting talent and technology for exceptional outcomes across government departments. Our experienced government associates help you source manage and empower dedicated teams that want to make a difference. We create and implement tailored technology solutions based only on your agency needs. We deliver on what matters most trust, reliability and responsiveness. [Scene: Various B-roll of city buildings, clients talking amongst each other, and text on screen that says "We unite talent and technology". "Trust, reliability, and responsiveness" text on screen shows up one by one.] 00:00:29:24 - 00:00:48:28 Narrator: We have experience in partnering with hundreds of state and local agencies from transportation and tolling, health and human services, education, finance, and public safety. At CAI, we power digital transformation and meaningful outcomes across the public sector. Let's power the possible together. [Scene: A bird eye angled B-roll of a city with the text on screen listing: "Transportation and tolling, Health and Human Services, Education, Finance, and Public Safety". Following is various B-roll of software engineer, a family of three, and a associate walking through her office.]


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