00:00:00:15 - 00:00:34:02 Jen Boyer The world is getting back to normal and people are craving travel and entertainment. That's exciting news, but it does pose some challenges. I'm Jen Boyer, senior client executive with CAI. For over 20 years, I've been working with CAI clients in the travel and hospitality industry to overcome some of their most pressing technology issues. When people travel and dine or seek entertainment, they want self-service, and they also want hyper-personalized, digital experiences with their brand. [Scene: Video starts out with Jen Boyer speaking, then cuts into various b-roll of airplanes, people in a airport, and a little girl running in the city. Video cuts to CAI's animated intro. Video cuts back to Jen with a graphic that says "Jen Boyer. Sr. Client Executive, Travel and Hospitality, CAI". Video then cuts to various b-roll clips surrounding the travel and hospitality world such as oceans, travel agents, shots inside restaurants, and the use of digital services on a mobile phone.] 00:00:34:13 - 00:01:08:10 Jen They're looking for the "suggested just for you" customer service model. At the same time, companies are struggling to find and retain employees, especially in the travel and hospitality industry. So more guests and travelers, fewer people to take care of them. That's a big challenge. The question isn't "Can you overcome these challenges? But how?" CAI can help you modernize your software and technology delivery models to deliver the guest experiences that your customers are expecting and keep them coming back. [Scene: Back to Jen speaking, then cuts to more various b-roll clips surrounding the travel industry.] 00:01:09:01 - 00:01:25:01 Jen Let's explore that together. We are CAI. With over 40 years of excellence in uniting talent and technology, we power the possible for our clients, colleagues and communities. [Video cuts back to Jen, with a graphic on screen that states "Our mission: We unite talent and technology to power the possible for our clients, colleagues and communities."]


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