Indiana's Managed Services Provider Contract

The State of Indiana's Managed Services Provider contract provides a streamlined and standardized contingent labor procurement process for State agencies, leveraging a network of qualified staffing providers to meet the diverse needs of the State.


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This section will provide information on the contract, including a fact sheet and job titles document. These documents are provided for reference for both current suppliers and those desiring more information regarding CAI’s MSP programs.



The documents and links below will provide current and prospective suppliers with the Criteria for Participation, the Subcontractor Agreement, any Addendums that have been released, and any other relevant information regarding program participation.



CAI is dedicated to the success of all suppliers participating in our MSP programs. This section will offer additional information and resources regarding the program’s processes, policies and best practices to ensure the success of your company.


Presentations and reports

Presentations and reports containing program information (when available) are posted in the area below.