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Cloud and Development Operations

Cloud is the future⁠—we can help you get there

Moving to cloud has major benefits


Cloud infrastructure can scale up and down based off your team’s workload, helping protect you from system outages during unexpected fluctuations.

Flexible storage

There are many storage options available depending on your organization’s needs. CAI can help you determine the best fit for you.


Data security is paramount. With cloud infrastructure, API keys and encryption are some of the security features that can mitigate risk.


With remote and virtual work increasing, accessibility is more important than ever. Cloud infrastructure only requires an internet connection for remote users access to your systems.

Data backup

Cloud infrastructure has built-in fail-safes to support data recovery in the event of a cloud region outage.

Equipment cost reduction

Organizations can reduce costs by no longer depending on physical, on-site servers and organization-provided equipment.

Want more time to focus on strategic initiatives and digital transformation?

Let CAI’s experienced infrastructure team assess your IT environment and prescribe the right service mix for your situation.

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