Minimize your technical debt and legacy costs to maximize your business applications

Accelerated modernization has improved efficiency and productivity, but increased cost of ownership. CAI can help you maximize the potential of your entire suite of business applications, minimize your technical debt, and deliver an optimal customer experience by streamlining your processes through hyperautomation.

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Innovation and digital transformation are vital for business growth and staying ahead of the competition

Our ADM360 solution suite goes beyond the traditional application development and maintenance services, adding hyperautomation and technical debt management as part of your custom experience.

Achieve digital transformation with ADM360

CAI helps accelerate the digital journey for our clients with a more holistic, purpose-driven approach to your application development and maintenance needs.

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Purpose of work

We empower our people with purpose, to understand the why, and do the right things for our clients and communities.

Social responsibility

We’re people who help people through access, advisory services, development, dedication, and partnership.

Partner mentality

We have the freedom and focus to act purposefully and achieve meaningful results today and for the long-term.

Forrester forecasts that US tech spend will increase 5.5% in 2024, up from 4.5% in 2023.1 Find the right partner to help you spend wisely.

Digital applications are the backbone of modern business. We can help you manage, modernize, develop, and maintain them.

Here are the benefits of a partnership with CAI:

Strengthen your business

Our experts develop scalable, adaptive applications based on modern platforms.

Leverage technology excellence

A suite of modernized, consolidated, and integrated applications is your roadmap to success in your digital transformation journey.

Modern, scalable, and secure

Our innovation experts can supplement your enterprise with the right mix of applications based on modern platforms and cloud-native technologies to reduce technical debt in a secure and scalable way.


  1. “Forrester forecasts that US tech spend will increase 5.5% in 2024, up from 4.5% in 2023.”

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CAI can maximize the potential of your entire suite of business applications, while minimizing technical debt.

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