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Autism2Work is an "Autism at Work" initiative by CAI that brings individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder into the workforce.

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Diversify your workforce

Helping people reach their true potential gets to the heart of what productivity and purpose really mean. A diverse workforce brings a variety of talents, skills, and experience to help you achieve better ideas and reach full potential. By managing the lifecycle of talent acquisition, training, cultural integration, supervision, skill development, and ongoing performance of the A2W teams, CAI can help you reap the many benefits of diversity.

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Join the A2W team

Show off your potential in our Autism at Work program which is a low-pressure environment designed especially for individuals diagnosed with ASD looking for meaningful work in IT, legal, accounting, and business operations. We train, mentor, and provide ongoing workplace support to help you become a valued team member.

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Partner with A2W

Autism support organizations, inclusion employment organizations, and colleges and universities that identify and recruit individuals diagnosed with ASD to have one goal in common – to provide the individuals with a work environment that values their contributions and supports their needs. CAI shares this goal and is proud to partner with this like-minded "Autism at Work" community. New partners are welcome!

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How to Build a Successful Neurodiversity Employment Program

A neurodiverse workplace embraces individuals with neurological differences – differences in the way we learn, process information and work. It regards these differences not just as part of normal variation in the human population but as a workplace advantage in terms of productivity and innovation. Neurodiversity in the workplace is not just a nice to have, it’s a value add.

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Moving Forward

"Some people view my autism as a weakness," says Sean, "but CAI sees it as a strength. The way A2W is utilizing my strengths is really helping me be more confident in my own skills and my future. It has given me a chance to prove myself."

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Getting to the heart of workplace inclusion

Embrace a new talent pool

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every 54 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with ASD. Many of these individuals have higher-than-average abilities with skills in pattern recognition and problem-solving, and sharp attention to detail. Yet over 85 percent of adults diagnosed with ASD are either under-or unemployed. The traditional job interview can be an obstacle. And the challenge continues if the workplace culture is not ready to embrace neurodiverse employees.

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Grow more than your business

A2W has mastered the process of finding and matching qualified talent with a business need. Our process removes the barriers to employment for individuals diagnosed with ASD by offering an unconventional interview process that ensures a good fit for both the individual and the workplace client. The result is a win-win in which A2W members can share their gifts and the workplace benefits from high-quality work. A2W team members produce remarkable results in application testing and development, business analysis, fraud, cybersecurity, and business operations.

Where autism isn't a special need but a special skill

Making sure existing employees know what to expect is essential to what we do – and is key to long-term success. Training for client teams and ongoing support for A2W employees are both customized to individual workplaces and built to meet specific business objectives. Where there is a corporate will to embrace neurodiversity, A2W provides the structure, the methods and the machinery to bring it to life.

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