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Build applications faster with CAI

If you are looking to retire antiquated applications or have an internal project, we have the expertise to help.

CAI has been developing applications for clients for almost 40 years. Today, we offer several apps on the ServiceNow store that are in use by dozens of our clients. Our team of certified developers is available to build applications for your specific business needs. From replacing legacy applications to creating sophisticated tools to conquer your organization's most significant challenges, we can help.

Modernizing with ServiceNow

A Modern Platform for Your Organization

Converting on-prem applications to the ServiceNow® platform reduces infrastructure costs and leverages a cloud-based environment. CAI designs all applications to be scalable and easily upgradable with consideration for best practices. CAI’s experience and training ensure that your core applications will grow with you for the long term.

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A Secure Application Platform

Being on the ServiceNow platform protects your organization from compromise. All applications built on the platform are automatically scanned and subjected to stringent security measures, eliminating the cost of extensive penetration testing and additional development on those apps to resolve vulnerabilities.


Reducing time to market is a priority today. Traditional development cycles don't support speed. ServiceNow’s low-code/no-code environment increases development velocity with lower-cost resources. CAI can build applications quickly, leveraging the ServiceNow platform infrastructure, security, and advanced services. Time to market is on your side.

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Easy to Use

Our developers leverage the ServiceNow user interface (UI) to work together with app designers and your team to ensure the best results. We also conduct usability tests and user acceptance testing before deployment to optimize customer satisfaction.

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