Freight & Distribution

Reshaping the future of transportation.

Shipping and distribution are transforming thanks to technology.

Freight and distribution are a complicated industry. Organizational demand for efficiency, as well as government regulations, force large freight companies to employ dozens, sometimes hundreds, of systems to manage everything from delivery manifests to address corrections and route planning to hazardous material transport. The ecosystem that keeps packages moving around the world is highly technical and constantly evolving.

Drive Innovation with Technology

GPS and IoT solutions are being deployed across the industry to help bring operational efficiency and better customer service to freight companies. As IoT in the industry grows, analytic solutions can help companies better manage routes and combine loads to make each individual warehouse as efficient as possible. More elaborate models can respond and re-route trucks in-transit to gain the highest efficiencies possible. Managed partner networks are making on-demand last mile delivery an affordable reality. All of this is made possible through technology, and the emerging tech that lies ahead of the industry makes a strong, reliable technology partner more important than ever.

The driver shortage is not likely to be resolved through new hires, but through organizational changes that embrace automation. CAI can help companies prepare IT to support the industry transformations that will open the doors for automated inventory management and loading, on-demand and responsive route optimization, and package-level detailed location services that will keep the business running efficiently and keep customers loyal. We have experience managing and enhancing field systems, back office, and GPS & GIS products that handle millions of transactions every day.

Don’t embark on your digital journey alone.

Let CAI help you manage your new and legacy applications, reconcile complex resource issues, consolidate IT to optimize systems, partners and resources and address barriers to innovation.

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