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Helping Governments Develop, Implement, Protect, and Maintain Digital Operations

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Digitizing Government Systems

Update and Secure Your Digital Operations

As technology ages, it can quickly fall behind in speed, security, and functionality. CAI helps state and local government organizations bring cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, and managed application services up to date quickly and affordably. Whether you’re starting from the ground up or looking to optimize and enhance an existing IT program, CAI supplies the modern technology, best-in-class processes, and flexible, skilled workforce you need at a reduced cost. With workflow automation, AI, and data analytics, we can modernize legacy systems, improve your ability to communicate and interact with the public, and enhance the digital integrations that will drive your community forward.

Bring IT Innovation to Your Government Organization

Enhance IT Workflow Automation

Automated IT workflows make managing your networks, servers, software, and hardware faster and easier. 24/7 monitoring solutions identify and resolve issues without any input required on your end. CAI can help you manage risks, reduce vulnerabilities, and optimize your IT spend.

Improve Productivity across Departments

Our AI solutions enable government organizations to improve efficiency in structuring countless tasks. Stay on top of policies with ease and quickly identify the issues that matter most in your community. From changing the timing on traffic lights to better suit the local traffic flow to implementing scalable, interactive support systems for responding to residents’ questions, CAI’s cutting-edge AI capabilities help you save time and money while improving your city, county, or state.

Modernize Government Systems

Outdated IT systems lead to frustration, security issues, and endless unnecessary spending. That’s why application modernization and migration are more important than ever for governmental operations. CAI takes system updates further by identifying and incorporating new efficiencies that help you lower costs while creating a more agile IT environment. We help you get your data into secure, scalable cloud storage solutions that reduce spending across the board and continuously monitor and adjust your services to stay at the forefront of capability, functionality, and speed.

Government Services

Managed IT Services

Get a highly skilled and flexible IT workforce that monitors and maintains security and stability for your systems and applications 24/7. We seamlessly support existing operations and fill any gaps in expertise, reducing the costs of delivering citizen services, and developing new capabilities.

Citizen Service Management

Enhance local government interactions with citizens through online and self-service capabilities that leverage the powerful and versatile ServiceNow platform

Cybersecurity and Virtual CISO

CAI’s comprehensive cybersecurity lifecycle includes assessment, governance, planning, building, running, management, and administration. Using your customized cybersecurity roadmap, we help you implement the right features at the right times at a pace that makes sense for your schedule and resources.

A Flexible Contingent Workforce

Rely on us for the resources and staffing you need to support your digital operations and drive innovation for your citizens. We work with local governments to provide end-to-end contingent workforce solutions that are fully customized to meet your unique needs.

Intelligent Automation

Improving your operations needs to be more than an aspiration. Many common issues and processes can be automated. Password resets, software access, and more need no intervention from the service desk.

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Helping Government Develop, Implement, Protect, and Maintain Digital Operations

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