Streamlining IT Operations

The Journey to Innovation

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The Path to Lower Cost Operations

Make IT a seamless, cost-effective element of your organization

Local governments have seen the costs of maintaining IT operations more than double over the past five years. It’s a daunting fact that is forcing local agencies to seek more efficient and cost-effective ways to modernize their operations. CAI's comprehensive IT solutions and managed services can fill the gaps in your existing program. We provide both remote and on-site monitoring to minimize and remedy all system and user-related issues. From vulnerability and penetration testing to full-service risk assessments and end-point protection, you get the customized IT solutions you need at an affordable price without hiring any new staff.

Building a Vision of the Future

Improve Resource Management and Flexibility

CAI’s seamless IT integration doesn’t only influence your operational costs – it allows you to reallocate in-house resources to run your business better. We eliminate the burdens of office space, training, benefits, and other costs involved in maintaining your own full-time IT staff. Whether on-site or remote, we’re committed to the same level of superior coverage and flexibility. When more teammates are needed, we’re ready to fill those seats. As situations change, we continuously scale and adjust our services to meet your unique needs.

A Superior Application Management and Service Desk Engine

No matter when there’s an issue, we provide professional support 24/7/365. Any emergency receives 100% of our attention, and you never have to worry about coverage or availability. CAI's operational support includes proactive and dependable system monitoring. You can rest easy that you’re always getting the professional protection you need, even after you go home at the end of the day. CAI is your source for complete round-the-clock IT coverage, from customer support to network monitoring.

Reduce Management and Compliance Burdens

With ongoing operational management, continuous training, and regular service reviews, CAI supplies best-in-class people, processes, and technology to run a secure government organization. We stay up to date on the security standards, best practices, and compliance standards you need to be a safe, supportive resource for your community.

Government Services

Local Government Consulting

Get the assistance and technology partner you need to identify low-hanging fruit in your digital systems and networks. Accelerate your progress in reducing operational costs and expanding valuable services to citizens.

Intelligent Automation

Eliminate manual processes with smart automation solutions. ServiceNow and CAI’s intelligent automation capabilities speed up processes, increase accuracy, reduce costs, and boost citizen satisfaction.

Managed IT Services

Get a highly skilled and flexible IT workforce that monitors and maintains security and stability for your systems and applications 24/7. We seamlessly support existing operations and fill any gaps in expertise, reducing the costs of delivering citizen services, and developing new capabilities.

Citizen Service Management

Enhance local government interactions with citizens through online and self-service capabilities that leverage the powerful and versatile ServiceNow platform

Cybersecurity and Virtual CISO

CAI’s comprehensive cybersecurity lifecycle includes assessment, governance, planning, building, running, management, and administration. Using your customized cybersecurity roadmap, we help you implement the right features at the right times at a pace that makes sense for your schedule and resources.

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