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Long-term partnership built on trust and flexibility

Shared values, flexibility, and commitment lead to a productive relationship for modernization and infrastructure improvement.

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Finding the right business partner who shares your values can lead to lasting results and innovation

A leading manufacturer of industrial gases and supplies based on the east coast had two critical goals: safety and profitability. To achieve these goals, the client knew they had to modernize their IT applications and improve their infrastructure. They needed to innovate quickly, and they knew they needed outside help. As they researched potential partners, they discovered CAI and were drawn to the shared values of the two organizations—both focused on how to succeed in business by doing the right thing.

They decided to partner with CAI and began their journey with a few small projects. Over the next few years, the relationship deepened and CAI expanded to digital services including application development, application management, and application rationalization delivered globally as the client moved to SAP worldwide.

Tough decisions, flexibility, and a better outcome

When an economic downturn hit the US and forced thousands of businesses to implement cost-cutting measures, the client knew they needed to continue working with CAI—but how?

As a private company, CAI has the freedom—and speed—to be flexible. They met with the client and approached the situation with a long-term view of doing the right thing. Coming together to understand their immediate and long-term needs, CAI restructured the entire contract to meet the client’s short-term economic concerns, without interrupting their long-term goal of returning to growth. In short, the client was able to remain on their innovation timeline. Actions like these cemented CAI as a trusted, long-term partner, and the relationship has continued to flourish over the years.

COVID-19 as a catalyst for further innovation

In early 2020 as the world began to shut down, many companies scrambled to adapt and change. Overnight, these companies had to figure out how to keep their businesses running in this unprecedented time. For most, it was a time of upheaval and uncertainty.

But this major east coast manufacturer saw it as an opportunity to renew and reinvigorate themselves, particularly across their IT landscape. They created a roadmap of big ideas and projects to digitize and bring new capabilities to the firm. Then they reached out to CAI to help them bring these ideas to reality.

A strong history for a successful future

Working closely with the client, CAI carefully examined the list of initiatives and goals and identified resource gaps. CAI was able to leverage its global reach to bring together the right teams to meet the client’s needs, all while meeting budget and time constraints. CAI is delivering a variety of solutions to the client today that drive innovation and value.

Logistics Application: Streamlining, transformation, and efficiency

The client delivers products to a global network of customers. Naturally, the logistics involved with such a huge operation need to be well-organized. For years, they had used a homegrown suite of legacy applications to manage these logistics. It was high time for an update.

CAI partnered with the client to provide development resources that modernized their proprietary logistics application. This multi-year endeavor incorporates the latest cloud technologies and processes. When the application launches, the client will see:

  • major increase in efficiency due to the updated application
  • cost savings and scalability thanks to the cloud architecture
  • modernized functionality through the use of mobile technologies

Software patching program: Maximizing security, minimizing downtime

The client’s technology and equipment are highly sophisticated and spread across over 7,000 sites around the world. Downtime due to security threats or software failures could potentially cost millions of dollars per day. The client needed to implement a patching program to maintain software health and security, all while maximizing uptime for their equipment.

With such high stakes, the client leaned heavily on their long-term, trusted relationship with CAI to deliver the results they needed. CAI sourced the right talent able to implement this highly complex patching program. And they co-created a plan with the client to determine patch timing and frequency so as to minimize the impact of downtime on production.

Tech bar: A thoughtful, employee-focused IT helpdesk

As the world gets back to a new normal and employees return onsite to their new multi-level office campus, the client wanted to implement a best-in-class IT user experience. A high density of requests to the global service desk was impacting employee productivity. They wanted to enhance CAI’s existing service desk that fields calls today.

CAI suggested a best practice they had implemented at other clients and conceptualized and developed a walk-up IT help center where employees can get quick fixes or submit more complex help tickets. The goal of the new tech bar is to lessen call volume to the global service desk, improve productivity and create a better employee experience.

Forward to a bright future

The key to success is long-term, trusted partners who have their clients’ interests at heart —and this client has certainly seen this in CAI. From the initial engagement more than 20 years ago to today’s complex, global solutions, CAI has repeatedly shown value, flexibility, and commitment to do what is right for the long term. With CAI’s mindset of client-centricity and continuous improvement, the outlook is certainly bright for CAI’s clients.

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