00:00:00:06 - 00:00:13:07 Robert English The utility industry in the US is undergoing unprecedented transformation as utilities are faced with pressures around decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization while trying to keep rates affordable. [Scene: Video begins with Robert English speaking, then transitions to CAI's animated introduction.] 00:00:18:03 - 00:00:49:00 Robert Hi, I'm Robert English, senior client executive for CAI Services and Utilities vertical, with 25 years working in the industry. CAI has worked with clients in the utilities industry to maintain and modernize their infrastructure and technologies. Utilities will have to find ways to upgrade, renew, and build new distribution and transmission assets to accommodate these new technologies and withstand the impact of climate change without significantly increasing rates to its clients. [Scene: Video transitions back to Robert, with a graphic that says, "Robert English, Senior Client Executive, CAI". Various b-roll transitions in that shows windmills, a worker working on a application, and a shot of power lines. Video then transitions back to Robert.] 00:00:49:15 - 00:01:19:12 Robert They need to embrace digital transformation and overcome challenges from aging infrastructure, inefficient use of personnel, siloed data, and disjointed communication. So you may be asking, "How can I innovate and increase operational efficiency while keeping costs down to satisfy my customers?" CAI can help you become more agile and efficient, using advanced technology to modernize your applications and operations and improve client experience. [Scene: More various b-roll showing different shots of transportation, workers in a warehouse, and a shot with data and numbers on the screen. The video transitions back to Robert.] 00:01:20:11 - 00:01:39:14 Robert Let's explore that together. We are CAI. We have a 40-year history of uniting talent and technology to deliver lasting results. We have the freedom and the focus to do what is right for our clients, colleagues, and communities. We power the possible. [Scene: B-roll showing transportation clips and people in a office working together. Video transitions back to Robert. A graphic appears on screen with Robert, saying, "Our mission: We unite talent and technology to power the possible for our clients, colleagues, and communities."]


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