00:00:01:08 - 00:00:09:15 Sherri Birsic Health care companies today are challenged with keeping I.T. infrastructure up and running and attracting enough talent to meet innovation goals. [Scene: Sherri Birsic speaking from her home office. Transition to CAI animated introduction.] 00:00:13:10 - 00:00:45:23 Sherri Hi, I'm Sherri Birsic, client partner at CAI. For 15 years, I've been helping health care organizations improve business operations and efficiencies, all while realizing what's possible with technology. The right prescription for health care transformation focuses on innovation. People want 24/7 access to their secure data protected on any device. My clients are tasked with innovating their infrastructure with modern applications and automation tools to enable transparency with their customers. [Scene: Back to shot of Sherri, with a graphic that says "Sherri Birsic. Client Partner, CAI." Transition to various b-roll shots such as patients in a hospital room, a doctor talking with her patient, a software engineer writing code, a doctor on her tablet looking at data, and various clips of modern tools and technology.] 00:00:46:11 - 00:01:14:04 Sherri So the question is, how can you deliver a seamless digital experience while balancing costs and quality of service? Let's explore how we can solve your challenges together. We are CAI and we have over 40 years of excellence in uniting talent and technology to power the possible for our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. [Scene: Video transitions back to Sherri, then to a b-roll shot of a group of people working together in an office. A transition back to Sherri with a graphic and text that reads, "Our mission: We unite talent and technology to power the possible for our clients, our colleagues, and our communities."]


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