Pennsylvania County Responds to Customers Faster

Bucks County sees big improvement with ServiceNow® implementation.


Bucks County, Pennsylvania, needed to automate and consolidate multiple IT service management processes into one system, so it could improve reporting and visibility into the agency’s IT-related work. County leaders needed to better understand the IT workload so they could quantify the work IT was doing, make more informed decisions about how to prioritize and staff the work, and improve processes that would allow IT to respond more quickly to customers. The county also wanted to reduce the number of calls to the helpdesk for password resets.


Bucks County reached out to CAI to implement the ServiceNow IT Service Management suite, including the incident, request, service catalog, change, problem, knowledge, configuration, asset management, and password reset capabilities and processes. CAI also delivered the ServiceNow Service Portal to enable users to submit and check the status of incidents and requests via self-service. The team built custom functionality to automate a highly manual communication process related to IT change requests.


The solution consolidated several disparate systems being used for IT service management into one system of record and offered a way for users to access password reset functionality that dramatically reduced the number of calls to the helpdesk. The solution also automated notifications to end-users regarding changes to the IT environment, eliminating the need for an IT resource to send them manually, and automate the resolution of a common Microsoft Outlook® issue that eliminated the previously manual effort required to fix it.

Because all IT service management processes are now performed in one system, Bucks County IT operates more efficiently. “According to our customer feedback, we’re in love with ServiceNow and CAI,” said Bucks County CIO Don Jacobs. “Together, we managed to not just land the project successfully, but we did so 9.8 percent under budget and 15 days early! I really can’t say enough about how well things are going and the bright light up ahead signaling the approach of customer delight!”

Together, we managed to not just land the project successfully, but we did so 9.8 percent under budget and 15 days early!

Don Jacobs, Bucks County CIO
9.8% Under budget
15 Days early

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