Top 10 Reasons to Consider a New Model for Contract Staffing

By Jen Boyer, Client Executive

The best ideas often come from re-configuring what already exists. Removing the points of friction is what can make it new and refreshing to the user. Flexible Contract Staffing is one example. This new model takes a fresh approach to engaging IT contract labor.

The challenges associated with standard staff augmentation have been stripped out, while the desirable features of a vendor managed service have been retained. This creates a new contract staffing model that delivers measurable results in a low-risk, flexible partnership.

Here's my personal top 10 list of why you should take advantage of Flexible Contract Staffing:

  1. Drive accountability with SLAs on recruiting.
    Receive 3 vetted candidates in 5 days, with 80%+ retention.

  2. Gain visibility into all contract staffing needs across your organization.
    Keep good talent engaged by moving them to other areas of need in the organization.

  3. Increase success rate of recruiting.
    Experienced IT Engagement Managers work with hiring manager to clarify roles, skills and job responsibilities.

  4. Ensure ongoing effectiveness & communication.
    90-day performance reviews of all contract staff are performed as a standard.

  5. Build a talent pool to convert to future full-time employees.
    90-day talent reviews to identify the top performers across all contract staff.

  6. Reduce the time that lapses from need identification to onboarded to working.

  7. Narrow the field of top candidates for hiring managers.
    Experienced IT Engagement Managers are able to vet candidates to a deeper level, so only the best candidates move on to the hiring manager.

  8. Leverage virtual best practices for recruiting, interviewing, screening and onboarding.

  9. Free up your managers' time so they can focus on their "day jobs."
    Better vetting of candidates and offloading, on-boarding, initial training tasks.

    ...and the top reason to consider Flexible Contract Staffing:

  10. "Flexible" means you have choices to configure a plan that works specifically for your organization!

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