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Recruiting Technical Staff Requires Experience

Our IT experienced resources and engagement managers make the difference

Recruiting for technology positions is difficult. Assessing and identifying technical competency takes experience and an understanding of IT. CAI will partner you with professional recruiters and engagement managers with IT expertise to help you quickly find the right resources faster. No need to wade through too many resumes of unqualified candidates – we cut through the noise to find the right people you need to augment your staff.

The Technical Recruiting Process

Understand the Technical Priorities

Recruiting for technical positions requires an understanding of IT. Do you need .NET or JAVA experience? Are you developing native apps or responsive websites? These types of questions help identify the right skills you need to fill technical roles. Finding people with deep technical capabilities helps your success in your critical initiatives.

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Virtual Capability Screening

The global pandemic changed the landscape of hiring. CAI responded to the new norm leveraging virtual capability screening. We utilize recorded exercises challenging a technical resource to solve a problem, code a capability, or configure a process. The CAI virtual capability screening process enables the cream to rise to the top, providing you the confidence you are hiring the right people.

Rapid On-boarding

Finding the right resources is half the battle. The engaging and on-boarding new staff is as important as identifying the right person. We have streamlined the process of background checks, drug testing, and other screenings, even in the virtual work environment. CAI knows getting it right the first time is critical to a successful hire.

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Who you partner with matters

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