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Staffing your Projects with Speed and Quality

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Rapid Recruiting & On-Boarding

Getting staff in place when you need them

Finding the right people and getting them into the organization and productive is your priority. Quickly staffing a new initiative or backfilling a critical role ensures the necessary resource capacity and reduces operational risk. Hiring Managers are stretched thin and struggling to cover new projects with existing tasks and responsibilities. CAI understands speed to productivity is the ultimate metric, and we can fulfill urgent hires in as little as three days. We can reduce the hiring cycle by up to 2 weeks for many roles.

Rapid Response Staffing

Global Recruiting Engine

Finding the right resources starts with a robust recruiting process. CAI's deep recruiting experience and inventory of quality candidates help identify and screen resources fast. We become an extension of your human resources department, providing the focused expertise you need. CAI reduces the time to hire by 50 – 70%, getting your team productive fast.

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Rapid Staff On-Boarding

It starts with finding the right resources fast. Getting people on the team is equally important. CAI streamlines the background check, employment verification, and drug testing steps. We innovated virtual processes to accelerate the onboarding of staff, even in the global pandemic.

On-going Contract Labor Assessments

Managing new staff does not stop once the contractor is on the clock. CAI partners with our clients to evaluate contractor performance throughout the duration of their assignment. We evaluate each contractor every 90 days to determine how the staff member is performing, identifying potential problems early.

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Staffing your Projects with Speed and Quality

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