Flexible Contract Staffing

Re-Imagine: A New Model for Contract Labor

Flexibility with Low Risk for Today's Agile Staffing Demands

The global pandemic created a new normal for many organizations, and for the first time in years, previously scarce talent is available. As strategic projects come back on-line, organizations are looking to drive corporate initiatives to generate revenue, improve customer or citizen experiences, and support an all-remote workforce. With uncertainty, organizations are looking for flexible programs to support strategic initiatives to drive innovation, increase value, and simplify managing larger contract pools. CAI helps organizations streamline their staffing needs reducing time to productivity by 50 – 70% freeing time for your management staff.

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Reduced Management Overhead

Recruiting qualified staff is necessary for organizations to maintain operations, grow, and drive strategic initiatives. And hiring managers are taxed with managing the end to end hiring process. It is time-consuming, adding to an already busy schedule with little time and not enough bandwidth. As organizations rebound from the impact of the global pandemic, hiring managers are looking for a flexible and streamlined method to fill strategic program staffing requirements.

CAI helps organizations outsource and streamline strategic contractor staffing. Our process reduces the time spent by managers recruiting and hiring by 50 – 70%.

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Faster Time to Fulfillment

The start of a new initiative is exciting for many organizations, especially if the program will dramatically enable them to grow or solve an organizational problem. Finding the right resources fast can be the difference between success or failure. The time to strike is now when the executive focus is on the program. Recruiting and hiring the right contract staff fast is challenging for a busy hiring manager.

CAI's global recruiting engine and rapid screening and on-boarding processes present the right candidates to start quickly. We can deliver fully vetted candidates in as little as 3 – 5 days, reducing standard hiring by as much as two weeks.

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Experienced Technical Recruiters

The difference between knowing buzz words and understanding the aspects of technology is critical to interviewing and selecting the right contractor staff. Staffing companies do not always assign specialists in IT recruiting as they expect the hiring manager to take on the burden of interviewing and vetting technical skills. Finding a partner that understands IT to support the recruiting process increases the speed of productivity.

CAI's resource and engagement managers know IT. We understand having the right recruiting partner is essential to launching a successful new program or backfilling a critical role to free up an employee. Knowing IT makes a difference in the quality of candidates presented and hired for your contract roles.

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Flexible Contract Labor Resources


Re-imagining Contract Staffing & Visibility

Organizations are driving new programs and projects to increase revenue, improve customer experience, and support the global workforce. Staffing projects with the right resources quickly is critical and with the labor pool opening up for the first time in years, the opportunity is now.

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A Fresh Idea for Contract Labor to Get the Best IT Talent On-Demand

Companies are re-imagining all aspects of business, especially around managing resources - a virtual workforce and risk management being top of mind. The trend of Contract Labor, coined the "gig economy", continues to rise. According to a recent article in Forbes, "36% of American adults engage in some sort of gig work.

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Success Story

Bringing Qualified Tech Talent On Board

Our Global 2000 client needed contractors across a wide variety of technical roles, fast. The roles required specialized training, and the candidates had to be willing to travel globally. Read how our team worked with the client to bring qualified tech talent on board quickly, while saving time and effort for the hiring managers.

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The New Contract Labor Model

Centralize View of Contract Labor

Most organizations leverage multiple companies to provide staffing. The rationale is casting a wider net increases the probability of a fast hire. The practice has a downside. As you hire more contingent workers, the tracking and management of the workforce is a challenge, and organizations don't get the value of economies of scale. CAI helps organizations manage the contingent workforce even supplied by other staffing companies. Our role is to help you get the job done, leveraging our expertise to have a global view of the contract resource pool.

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Flexible Contracts – Competitive Rates

The uncertainty of the global pandemic is placing new requirements on staffing. Organizations want greater flexibility in contract labor agreements with competitive rates. Managers want more bang for their budget with the agility to flex with changes in their priorities. CAI's staffing model provides the competitive flexibility organizations need to thrive in tough times.

Global Recruiting Engine

Finding the right resources starts with a robust recruiting process. CAI's deep recruiting experience and inventory of quality candidates help identify and screen resources fast. We become an extension of your IT department, providing the focused expertise you need.

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Re-Imagine; A New Model for Contract Labor

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