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Top RPA use cases and their benefits

A detailed analysis of RPA use cases to understand the benefits of RPA across industries, including finance, insurance, utilities, and others.

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Robotic process automation – RPA market share and industry growth 2021-2028

Discussing in detail the growing RPA industry, the RPA market size, reasons for growth, geographical and deployment segmentation, and much more. Learn the what, why, where, and how of RPA.

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How to speak hyperautomation

Helping you explain the benefits of hyperautomation to the adults in your life (who didn’t ask).

Success Story

Meet Adam

With an affinity for breaking things down and putting them back together, Adam makes an impact on CAI’s Intelligent Automation team.

Virtual Event

Generative AI: Ethics, Black Boxes, Explainability

Session 2 – Generative AI: Ethics, Black Boxes, Explainability.

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How intelligent automation improves customer experience

Intelligent automation and robotic process automation are not only making business processes easier for internal teams, but they’re also making a positive impact on the customer experience.

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Top IT management takeaways from 2022

A look back at the top 2022 articles addressing digital transformation for businesses seeking optimization for their next phase.


Robotic process automation tools: All you want to know

RPA tools enable desktop automation and help in building code sequences for the management of repetitive and mundane human tasks. Undoubtedly, one of the best investments at present for any organization to gain a competitive edge.

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What is RPA and why is everyone still talking about it?

RPA is inevitable. The growth can be attributed to integration ease, user-friendliness, and applicability to mundane tasks across various business units.

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Eight best practices for RPA developers

List of 8 RPA programming best practices for RPA developers to achieve maximum effectiveness of their RPA or UiPath Code.

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