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Amerisure Insurance: Using RPA to achieve 3x ROI

Amerisure Insurance partners with CAI's RPA team to improve efficiency and better utilize employee resources.

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Using RPA to achieve 3 days of work in 1 day

Robotic process automation—a perfect solution for time-consuming challenges. Amerisure's claims and digital innovation teams partnered with CAI to implement a proof of concept (PoC) using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The result, achieved in a very short time, improved efficiency for a manual, time-consuming claim process.


Some of Amerisure's Workers' Compensation claims are handled by a third-party claims administrator. These claims have log notes attached to them, which Amerisure employees and customers need to view in order to see everything happening on a claim. There is no integration between the systems used by the claims administrator and Amerisure, so notes must be imported manually—a time-consuming process.

  • Three team members from Amerisure claims were needed to open each claim and review its notes before copying and pasting them from one portal to the other. This task could take upwards of an hour for just one claim.
  • With approximately 500 claims open on any given day, it was not possible to complete this process daily. This created further delays, causing frustration when Amerisure's agencies and policyholders were unable to check the status of a claim.


A bot that goes into the claim administrator's portal for every open Amerisure claim, to copy and paste any new log notes into Amerisure's claims portal. The bot performs this process on all 500 claims every day.


Since being implemented, the bot has been able to condense a whopping 26.5 hours of human work into a single workday! Data transfer/entry has become more efficient, in turn improving the timeliness of data flow into Amerisure's customer portal, as well as the integrity of the data from the claim administrator's portal to Amerisure.

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