A fresh look at staffing and processes at the service desk saved a mission-driven managed care organization millions of precious dollars.

A leading managed care organization that provides comprehensive healthcare solutions for those in need and the chronically ill serves more than 5.7 million members nationwide. It strikes a remarkable balance by offering innovative solutions that help improve health outcomes while reducing costs. 

When the IT Service Desk at the organization began receiving a disproportionate number of incidents based on its size, it reached out to CAI to help ensure it was offering its employees an appropriate level of service.

CAI proposed a customized solution to eliminate churn and reduce IT spend. A team staffing model quickly addressed deficiencies in staffing peak periods. We identified opportunities to deploy automation and drove CPI initiatives through data analytics in key areas that allowed the company to reduce volumes and overall support costs. By promoting self-service solutions, the company quickly began to see the benefits of improved customer experience and greater employee productivity. 

The organization’s average number of contacts went down from more than 17,000 per month to 8,000 per month. IT gained better processes, staffing and root cause analysis. Even though the company was growing all the while, it saved $2.2 million over the life of the contract.