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Building strategies and running an information-heavy organization is no joke. Enterprises need a holistic data strategy, a standardized data-delivery methodology, and tailored solutions that increase visibility across the operations and processes. CAI has been referred to as one of the top data analytics consulting companies globally, by our large clientele. With our data analytics consulting services, CAI is poised to help build powerful data delivery. business approaches. We enable the extraction of accurate information, analyze big data sets and trends, and build data-driven insights for an informed and intelligent decision.

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Organizations face a variety of challenges in their data and analytics processes, including disconnected data silos and multiple tools for presenting data. For many end-users, complexity is a real barrier. Transforming into a data-driven organization requires understanding of the present infrastructure a properly developed success roadmap and commitment to see it through.

CAI can help unlock the insights hidden in your data for faster, smarter, and effective decision making.

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Data & analytics solutions

We have entered in an economy that requires business analysis with atomic-level detailing. In many cases, predesigned or tailored analytics-based solutions are precisely what is needed to help organization experience the benefits of a professionally built application. CAI offers repeatable and configurable analytics solutions for rapid deployment. In addition, we also offer quick-start implementations for these solutions as well as designed implementations.

CAI delivers impactful data-driven business outcomes through correct deployment of data and analytics solutions. Our data analytics consulting services assist in maximizing value extraction from human resources, process, data, and technology investments.

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Discover, design, and implementation services

The fundamental challenge for most users is finding data to make informed decisions. Data consumers know what they want, but they don’t know how to access it since it’s scattered across disparate systems. Users spending 80% of their time searching for data leads to wasted effort, money, and often frustration. Transformational services are required now more than ever to ensure organizations realize their digitization potential.

The fundamental challenge for most users is analyzing data informed decisions. Data consumers know what they want, but they don’t know how to access it since it’s scattered across disparate systems. This results in ~80% of their time and money wastage. At this point, transformational services, and data science outsourcing ensure support to organizations. It assists in the identification of the digital opportunities through an in-depth data understanding.

CAI believes that delivering data in a simple format is as essential as centralizing it. Analytics should be delivered in a consistent, simple, and impactful format for easy understanding for any layman. Our data analytics consulting services help your organization develop -tailored digital data and analytics identities. This ultimately helps in better customer service and enhanced brand loyalty.

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Data & Analytics Resources

Cloud based data

Cloud Cost Optimization Top 10

CAI's Cloud Cost Optimizer is the solution to spending less time agonizing over cloud bills and more time optimizing your cloud costs. Read these FAQ’s then get started with C3O.

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Success Story

Making Data-driven Decisions

CAI’s Data & Analytics Solutions help the state of Georgia provide visibility to constituents and save millions of dollars.

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Data & Analytics Webcast Series

View webcast replays for lessons learned that can help you build a sustainable data & analytics process for the future.

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Thriving with Available Information

Execute plans with data-driven insights

Making decisions without all the facts draws the fine line between success and failure. It could be one insight that changes your perspective and your direction. CAI help your organization to develop an efficient operation easy-to embed architecture and ensure accessible data for all stakeholders.

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Armed and ready for competition

The market is facing cut-throat competition and every company wants to be the leader. Access to the right data will sharpen your competitive edge and provide, better customer insights and behavioural trends for future strategies. CAI helps organizations develop predictive and prescriptive solutions to ensure a multi-dimensional competition assessment.

Easily accessible data portals

Associates and employees across your organization require access to data for decision making. This should be on a simple to navigate data portal with omnipresent accessibility like any smartphone app. CAI helps your organization develop easy-to-use data interfaces branded for a consistent look and feel.

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