The world is full of opportunity. At CAI, we make it our business to identify the right opportunities for our customers – and to seize them. That is exactly why we are regarded as one of the trusted business strategy consulting firms.

The challenge for enterprises today is building a sustainable growth cycle that leverages your strengths in the right markets, charts the optimal path forward, and engages the right operating models for success. Complex business problems require a wide range of methodologies, industry-specific know-how, and deep insights into the marketplace. 

CAI is a trusted business strategy advisor to large and small organizations looking to achieve maximum value. We create innovative and pragmatic solutions that are fit for purpose –applying technology and right-sized effort to catalyze growth and enable your teams to reach their potential. We often say CAI is the X factor for our customers. Our strategic consulting sets off a ripple effect, creating exponential gains that extend across entire organizations to achieve real business value.