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Shift Left Is Core to Your Success

Resolving calls fast and on the first try changes everything.

Shifting left for a service desk organization means answering as many service requests with level-one support resources. Level-one resources are less expensive and, with the right training, documentation, and automation, they can shoulder a large volume of service requests. The impact of shifting left is a lower cost to resolve service requests, faster resolution times, less backlog for level-two support, and higher customer satisfaction. Clients who adopt the shift-left approach have as high as 90% customer satisfaction, less than 6% abandonment rates, and more than 90% first-call resolution rates. The methodology dramatically transforms your service desk operation into a drama-free resource to support your organization.

Core Elements to Shifting Left

Measurement and Metrics

The most important component for improvement is measurement and metrics. If you can't measure it, it will never improve.

CAI has developed a full contingent of metrics to determine your operational health. We help clients identify problem areas and provide solutions to help streamline the process, reducing the cost of delivery.

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Eliminating manual processes in an organization increases resolution velocity and improves service delivery accuracy. Taking people out of repetitive processes eliminates the risk of missing a step or clicking the wrong key. Every automated process reduces the reliance on people, reduces costs, and improves end-user satisfaction.

CAI works with clients to leverage the ServiceNow platform, RPA bots, and other automation tools to streamline processes.

Embrace Documentation

Not every service request can be automated, and the service desk has to function as designed. Documenting your process and the steps to a resolution eliminates the guesswork. Your service desk becomes scalable the more you document.

CAI embraces documentation to streamline development and implementation within a service desk operation.

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