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You’ll look good if you go fast. You’ll look better if you gain long-term ROI.

Let’s start with a metaphor.

When you’re building a race car, one size does not fit all. You start with the standard parts that make up the vehicle, but then you customize the rest for what matters most to you. Some parts are more essential than others, depending on your goals. What’s your end game? Velocity, efficiency, cost, intelligence, quality? You choose those parts accordingly.

A digitally efficient organization is the same. You start with standard parts—the business functions at the core that keep things moving. But your end game is efficiency, speed to market, and growth. What accessories will you add to your talented team of people to make your processes faster and smarter to build long-term value? Your answer is robotic process automation (RPA).

Augment your business functions with RPA, using the right guide and the right tools.

Maximize ROI from your RPA.

Quick refresher: What is RPA?

RPA is software that can be trained to mimic the actions of a human operator. It can handle a wide variety of tasks, such as copying data from one system to another, opening and navigating software applications, and extracting information from documents.

Automation technologies like RPA are revolutionizing the way we do business. Experts believe that as these technologies become more sophisticated, they will have an ever-increasing impact on productivity and efficiency in future years.

By assigning an RPA system to handle repetitive, mundane tasks, you can get greater productivity—with no clerical errors. And your employees will have more time to dedicate to creative, high-value, decision-making tasks.

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RPA for Finance

Your finance department is complex—and essential to your business. Where do you start?

Automate tasks in bookkeeping, accounts payable or receivable, invoicing, tax compliance, payroll, expense management, and many other areas. Save your team time and ensure that all processes are completed accurately and on time.

Read the full article on how to take your finance function to the next level.


  • Reduced exposure to fraud
  • Improved risk management and compliance
  • Consistent, accurate information enterprise-wide

Top use cases

  • Error-free data entry
  • Streamlined purchase order processing
  • Fast and accurate reconciliation

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RPA for Claims

The claims process is spread over many different platforms, tools, and document types. What should you do first?

Automate manual tasks such as claims data entry and retrieval, checks, verification, and payments across different applications. Save your team time and keep up with frequent changes in regulation and compliance.

Read the full article to take your claims function to the next level.


  • Fewer mistaken payouts or denials
  • 100% data accuracy and integrity
  • Improved risk management and compliance
  • Faster turnaround times for improved customer satisfaction

Top use cases

  • Manual claims data entry
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Disparate input media

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RPA for Human Resources (HR)

HR is vital to the health of your organization. How can you help them the most?

HR professionals can dedicate more of their time to high-value, decision-making tasks that relate to employee retention and satisfaction. RPA will reduce costs, increase accuracy, and fulfill business processes in less time.

Read the full article to take your human resources function to the next level.


  • Improved productivity due to quick processing and data sharing
  • Reduced employee turnover thanks to heightened employee engagement
  • Lower risk from compliance or policy violations

Top use cases

  • Onboarding/employee experience
  • Payroll/rate changes
  • Manage offboarding process

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RPA for Service Desk

Your service desk is the front line for your internal or external customers. Where do you begin?

Analysts can spend less time on the phone and more time on high-value work—for example, software patching and upgrading. RPA can reduce costs, increase accuracy, and process requests in less time.

Read the full article to take your service desk to the next level.


  • Reduced resolution time and increased end-user satisfaction
  • With AI, tools can gain insight into the underlying problem of each incoming incident and service request

Top use cases

  • Reset passwords/unlock accounts
  • Self-service knowledge base
  • Automated alerts

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RPA for Sales

Without sales, your business has no income. What can you do to help the team spend more time closing deals?

Automate administrative tasks like storing existing/new customer data, extracting sales data from different formats, and sales order processing. The sales team can spend less time on data management and more time on building and nurturing relationships.

Read the full article to take the sales function to the next level.


  • Reduction in time to manage repetitive, administrative tasks and data entry
  • Efficient sales cycle management with scheduled follow-up, demos, and touchpoints, from lead generation to closing
  • Consistent data quality, across all platforms and tools

Top use cases

  • Sales order processing
  • Automated proposal generation and digital signatures
  • Sales data hygiene

Why CAI?

When you create faster and smarter processes for your people, (employees, colleagues, and clients) you create long-term value.

So, you want to be a digitally efficient organization. Your goals are to move fast and create smarter processes—all important as a framework for better business outcomes. You want the obvious hard benefits of automation—improved accuracy, speed and lower costs. But don’t overlook the importance of the softer interior side of automation—the people.

Choosing the right automation accessories that allow people and bots to work together is the key to improving business outcomes. And it will improve the satisfaction of your employees, colleagues and clients.

Your bot workforce will keep getting more efficient. Your people will have more time for innovative projects, strategic thinking, and challenging tasks. Your clients will reap the benefits of a better and more satisfying driving experience.

You’ll be better—faster, smarter, and creating long-term value.

Ready to accessorize your business functions with the right RPA guidance and tools to maximize ROI from your RPA?

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