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Speed, Accuracy, and Lower Cost for Manual Processes

Many organizations have implemented different forms of automation to gain benefits of cost and headcount reduction. However, these initiatives have not always fulfilled expectations. Intelligent automation tools are maturing, and one size does not fit all. At CAI, we successfully implement solutions and align best practices based on years of experience rescuing failing automation initiatives. With our robotic process automation (RPA) consulting services, we focus on solving the problem and leveraging a variety of tools, so you realize the gains.

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Intelligent Automation Consulting

Automating manual processes can improve accuracy, speed, and save costs. With the implementation of RPA consulting, organizations can discover automation opportunities in their current workflow by leveraging a variety of tools, including robotic process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). CAI's Intelligent Automation experts help your organization to efficiently deploy automation solutions. They also assist in eliminating inefficiency, un-productiveness, time wastage, and cost hikes.

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Best-of-breed Approach

Process challenges are complex, and each case requires a solution. CAI’s automation toolbox is fully customizable according to your unique needs. We use a variety of industry-leading solutions, such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Rainbird, and Astound, so our experts can select the right tools to accomplish your project. This approach allows us to achieve superior automation results, save money on software licensing costs, and pass those savings directly to you.

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Leverage Existing Technology & Talent

Starting from scratch is time-consuming and costly. Building on an existing template reduces risk and saves money. CAI’s pre-built automation library contains robust AI tools and provides the perfect starting point for your automation initiatives, reducing the cost of automation and increasing speed to deployment with more predictable results. Our team of experienced automation experts knows how to solve problems quickly, safely, and effectively.

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CAI, RPA Customer Success Story- Amerisure Insurance

Using RPA to Achieve 3 Days of Work in 1 Day - Amerisure Insurance partners with CAI's RPA team to improve efficiency and better utilize employee resources. Solving for everyday workflows with Intelligent Automation helped our client improve ROI by 3 times.

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A Digital Innovation Strategy that Scales for Value

CAI is a national digital transformation consulting firm that can lead your IT team to digital innovation. We take a best-fit, rather than license-driven approach to your automation needs - balancing value and cost to help save you money while you reallocate FTEs to higher-value activities.

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CAI Podcast: Chief Technology Officer Matt Peters talks all things around intelligent automation

Learn how to take a holistic approach to intelligent automation projects. Matt Peters covers how to combine advanced AI, detailed automation processes, industry-leading tools, and software with the right automation partners to solve struggles and slowdowns in business.


Hyper-automation for Hyper-efficiency

Intelligent Automation

CAI combines advanced AI, detailed automation processes, industry-leading tools and software, and experienced consulting and assessment capabilities to solve struggles and slowdowns in your business. Integrated into your development cycle, intelligent automation improves process efficiency, reduces costs, optimizes productivity, and improves your customer experience.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

According to Gartner, "By 2022, 80% of companies that use automated robotics in any aspect of their business processes will make significant use of AI and machine learning." CAI enables you to take AI and machine learning farther, faster. Let our experts introduce advanced strategies and technologies into your operations and reduce the time, energy, and resources that go into routine tasks by up to 60%.

Robotic Process Automation

We can help you make smarter use of robotic process automation through our RPA consulting. By developing prioritized lists that provide the highest value with the highest probabilities of success, CAI ensures that your automation initiatives achieve results. CAI’s RPA solutions significantly reduces manual steps in countless administrative tasks, allowing you to reallocate resources elsewhere.

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